Get out of my Tomb!

This Design was selected as a winner on the Game Design Challenge: No Jumping! on the Game Career Guide portal.

Original submission

My first thought was “Well, if you think the ones that mostly don’t jump on this type of games are the villains, so why not to be a villain? Instead of having to avoid the other characters you need to hit them and they are the ones trying to get out of your way.” so here is my proposition.

The Story

You are Ramses the Great, well in fact you are the Mummy of Ramses the Great, even better I think and a bunch of Treasure Hunters just found your Tomb and are trying to get away with all your things. You have been awakened by this and is your task to get the guys out of your Tomb or well, if they don’t want to just “convince” them, he he.

The Mechanics

The only movements your character will have are right and left so your task in each level will be to pursuit the treasure hunters to make them fall into the traps or reach them and touch them, in this way they will become mummies too, pursuing their previous partners.
Your character will be a little slower than the humans and they can jump in order to avoid you, of course if their fear upon you allow them to do it. They can also with the jump hit you from above (like Mario does) and that will cost you a “life”. The points you make on each level will consist on how many treasure hunters has fallen in your traps, how many were converted and how many escaped with treasures.
In the rooms you can find potions to speed your character up for some time. Also in the levels you will find sarcophagus where only your character can enter and they instantly “teletransport” you to other sarcophagus in the room, of course this will allow you to go to upper levels besides the possible ramps on it and will help you on tacking the humans by surprise.
The final level or Boss Fight will be against an Indiana Jones like character that can not only jump but also use his whip to swing itself around the room.

Prototype of the game


2 Responses to Get out of my Tomb!

  1. Mariol says:

    Hey this looks like a great game. I like taking part in the GameCareerGuide challenges too. They’re great for trying to stretch your design creativity. Sadly, I missed out on this challenge but this next one I’ll definitely be in. Good luck!

  2. Sheridan says:

    I just ran across your blog and I think this idea is great. What a clever way to turn the no jump rule into something fun that doesn’t seem gimmicky.

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