RPG, Virtual Worlds and Guybrush Returns

July 11, 2009

Too much had happen these last weeks so let’s summarize a little bit. First I’d like to say I went to the ApolloCon here in Houston and being my first Con in the states was a good experience, it’s definitely different from the ones I went to in Argentina but impressive nonetheless and I enjoyed it with my five years old son, who met with a real astronaut for his first time (me too btw) and got an autographed picture, how cool is that!

A couple of weeks ago was published on Gamasutra an article about Role Playing Games for computers, although it was long it was full of data and I got to know some games that I didn’t and it also made me remember about Ishar, the ones I played when I was a kid. Very good article indeed and I’m sure it will make you want to play one of those for sure.

Metaplace is something I still haven’t try in full, I setup an account there but haven’t spend too much time yet, but on a newsletter I received was the announcement that you can embed your virtual world from Metaplace in any webpage, including of course your blog, so if I get a little time to make something productive with it I’m sure I’m going to embed it in here.

And well, I can’t go on without saying a word about the biggest comeback on Graphic Adventure Games, Guybrush Threepwood is on his way again, now from Tell Tale Games and as I have said when I knew about this, let the Second Golden Age of Adventure Games Begin.


Adventure Games Are Back

May 29, 2009

I’ve always loved this type of games, and I think almost everyone from my days grew up playing them. Games like Monkey Island, Loom, Maniac Mansion, King’s Quest, Simon The Sorcerer, Eco Quest, and a lot more shaped the minds and remembrances of several generations.

A couple of years ago I discovered Adventure Game Studio, it is a tool that allow you to make your own Adventure Games just by “configuring it”. Examples of that can be found on its website, but let me suggest you No Action Jackson, a game with a Day of the Tentacle style.

After that I started seeing how many people were trying to produce this type of games for the browser. Tools like Web Adventure Kit, ScummVM or Flash-Scumm will help to do that, these are the ones I’m aware of, I’m sure there’s many more out there.

These tools will allow developers to reach more players and ease the distribution of the games, also making them easy to produce. One such place that takes advantage of this is Sarien.net, and it does it with a nice twist, you can see what other players are doing on the same game while you play it.

The sole existence of a site like Adventure Gamers tells us that this genre is not dead and we can feel, by the amount of adventures lately released, that is coming back. I sure will enjoy the second Golden Age of the Graphic Adventure Games, and that is not far away in the future.

Escape the (real) room

February 28, 2009

The “Escape the room” type of games has become a genre of its own, and since the first time I played one I thought “well, this type of games could be done by taking pictures of an actual room”, and of course, that way you only need to focus on the puzzles to produce your own game.

Yesterday I came across with Sagrario’s Room Escape and got impressed by the quality, but boy it is a hard game! Even with the walkthrough! So why I recommend it? because it’s done with pictures of an actual room and the quality of the images and the compose of it is really good. Plus the puzzles are somewhat logical, just too hard some of them and well, the ones with sound are not my strong point.

All in all a good game and one with care for the details, just like I like it!

Google Latitude, finally

February 10, 2009

I was waiting for this service since a long time ago, and although some little known sites were providing the service, none of them got a big impact on people using it. But now is Google who comes with this tool and I think is the right time to the big hit.

I gues that this is something available for Open Social, and if not I’m sure it will be very soon, as this tool goes hand to hand with social networking and is just a matter of time for someone to hit the nail on the head. I personally know people trying to put this type of tool together and sure there’s more out there.

Link: See where your friends are with Google Latitude

Dare to Dream

January 19, 2009

Recently added as a new “dimension” of the Dare to be Digital Challenge, is focused on open the doors for the imagination from everyone, from everywhere.

For those of you who don’t know the contest:

Dare to be Digital is the UK’s premier video games design competition open to international university students. In its 10th anniversary year, Dare is expanding its focus to give an exciting new dimension to the gaming culture.

So basically in this edition there are two parts, the first is the one that is open for everyone, there you can submit your ideas for a game and comment and rate the ideas of others (in fact, you can also vote for your idea). After the community has rated the ideas the next part of the contest, the production of the prototypes will start, with teams selecting from the top 10 ideas.

I see this as an interesting twist to the normal contests, but let’s see how it works because I guess the ideas that are going to be submitted are those who the designers are not so attached to and could end up being not that good. Of course, as the teams then has freedom to change it or reinterpret it, well, it could end up being a good one after all.

Take a look at the ones already submitted and why not? Submit your own!

Open Social in any site? That’s right

December 5, 2008

Yesterday Google launches his beta (coming from Google that’s like final product) of Friend Connect that allows you to add Social capabilities to your website, or in his own words:

This service lets webmasters add social features to their sites by simply copying and pasting a few snippets of code — no advanced coding or technical background required.

Clean and simple, Google’s way I dear say, but I think the richest part of it is at the end of the article, where it says:

Additionally, websites that use Friend Connect become OpenSocial containers, capable of running applications created by the OpenSocial developer community.

That simple thing is the real power behind this tool, think just a minute and you will notice it… Not yet? Think another minute… There you go.

Link to the article: Google Friend Connect: now available

My first complete video game: Assassin Pong

November 28, 2008

Although the game is very simple I’m very proud of it. I came from the idea all the way through design, programming, graphics, sound and gameplay. I tested it, got feedback from other players, modify it and polish it to get the final product. But the most important goal I tried to reach was finish it, and I did.

The game is a clone of the classic Pong but with a little twist, the player can shoot his opponent so this gives the game a little more of fun I guess, at least that was the idea and what the people that have played it told me (mission accomplish then).

I made a little web page about it here in my blog (Assassin Pong), there you can see a couple of screen shots and you have the links to places where you can download it or play it online.

Please feel free to leave comments either on this post, the web page or the places where the game can be download it (especially there) and of course the higher the rate you give, the higher my appreciation to you 😉

For the lazy ones you can download it from here or play it online here.