Game on! Art in a game

March 14, 2009

Video Games are Art? I say YES, and a lot of other people is with me, but as the definition of art is still to be decided too much people still thinks that video games are just that childish thing that make kids go out killing others or adoring the devil.

Well is good to know that around the globe more and more there’s people putting this type of events together so we can see and hear stories about artists making games.

This time the event is going to be in Buenos Aires and the name of it is Game on! Art in a game. For those that have the opportunity to assist I’m sure it will be a good experience, not only because you’re going to discover a part of video games that you didn’t think exists, but because you’re going to find the best of the best of the Video Game Scene of Argentina, one that is growing immensely the last years and is getting worldwide noticing for its achievements.


No Action Jackson

January 25, 2009

Surfing games websites trying to find an Adventure game to play I met “No Action Jackson“, this game has the same atmosphere than DOTT, a game that I loved to play back in the ’90. Not only has the same kind of humor and graphics but you can see little jokes and reminiscences all over the game what makes it better. The only bad news is that it was kind of abandoned and not finished and has many bugs, but you still can play it and the quality is fairly high. It’s made using Adventure Game Studio which I recommend if you just want to spend time developing the story and not programming yet another engine.

These are the links to get it: TIGdb, AGS Page.

And talking about reminiscences and indie games evoking the classics here is one that is still in process but that looks like is going to be a big hit when it get released, and I’m proud to say that comes from Argentina. The name of the project is Monkey Island Zero, they’re also using AGS as the engine and trying to tell the story before Monkey Island 1. The best of luck for these guys and hope to play the game soon.

CODEAR 2008: Winners

November 17, 2008

It’s time to test the participants of the 2008 competition of Argentina’s Video Games Conference. These were the submissions in the final order positions (some of the links could be in Spanish):

First Place: Angel in Heaven by German Vadell – Play | Info

Second Place: Xee Bee by Juan Ignacio Albanesi – Play | Info

Third Place: The Infiltrator by Game Road – Play | Info

The rest of the participants:

  • Leyendas de la Edad Media (Medieval Legends) by Agustin Perez Fernandez – Play | Info
  • La Vida es muy Dificil (Life is so hard) by de9a18studio – Play | Info
  • Katy-K-Boom by German Vadell – Play | Info
  • Flogger Adventure by Carlos Federico Lopez – Play | Info
  • Los Ledesma 2 (The Ledesmas 2) by Nicolas Masgoret – Play | Info

Enjoy the Argentine independent video games!!

Mazes of Fate: First Latin American Video Game for Nintendo

September 2, 2008

It’s been a while since this video game was released but now is time for the DS version to hit the stores. What is special on MoF is that is the first video game ever produced entirely on Argentina for Nintendo (GBA first, DS now and MoF2 for Wii on the near future) and I’m proud to say that I know some of the guys involved on it.

For those who are not familiar with the game is a traditional first person RPG game on a fantastic environment, some reminiscence of anime on the characters but basically a good old RPG. Here you can find a review about the GBA version, this and this are the official websites and the Wikipedia entry.

And of course if you want to try it or just support the Argentine Video Game industry you can order it in one of these sites.