Assassin Pong

This game is basically a clone of the Pong game but with a twist, that is the paddle can also shoot his opponent. The game is intended to be very simple and intuitive and to be my first complete attempt on doing a game.

You can download it from GameCake or GameJolt, or play it online on Yoyo Games.

Some people played it and these are a few comments:

TG1: Nice solid game, the shooting aspect adds some challenge because you have to avoid the shots while still trying to catch the ball.

GShonk: Sweet menu, and I am glad you had escape button functionality. A lot of fun to play I loved having to make the tactical decision as to go after the ball or be hit. There was a great sense of urgency which I liked.

Dmcclure: Assassin Pong is a fun game characterized by simple, enjoyable action. Indeed, the game’s simplicity – it is pong with the ability to shoot the opponent -is one of it’s major strengths. The graphics are very basic but remain functional and the game runs smoothly. Overall, Assassin Pong is an enjoyable game which functions as it should.

Assassin Pong Menu
Assassin Pong Menu
Assassin Pong
Assassin Pong

5 Responses to Assassin Pong

  1. altug isigan says:

    Hey, I really like this game! πŸ™‚

  2. altug isigan says:

    I kept thinking on how difficult it would have been to implement the “assassin” twist back in the days when the game first came out. What do you think? Was is too big a feature?

    AP is still on my desktop btw πŸ˜‰

    • I recall reading that the first Pong Case was used on a Pub and the idea was that the guys could use it with just one hand so they could hold the beer on the other one. Also if you take in consideration the beer you must make the game really simple and adding the “assassin” twist would be too complex I guess for the players. Then every other that came later just copied the success of the first one.

  3. altug isigan says:

    Hi Martin, long time no see!

    Funny with the beer thing. But a really user-friendly game would have allowed me to hold a cigarette in my other hand (the one hand which is not occupied by the beer glas.) ;)) So when will they make this game that can read our brain?…

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