RPG, Virtual Worlds and Guybrush Returns

July 11, 2009

Too much had happen these last weeks so let’s summarize a little bit. First I’d like to say I went to the ApolloCon here in Houston and being my first Con in the states was a good experience, it’s definitely different from the ones I went to in Argentina but impressive nonetheless and I enjoyed it with my five years old son, who met with a real astronaut for his first time (me too btw) and got an autographed picture, how cool is that!

A couple of weeks ago was published on Gamasutra an article about Role Playing Games for computers, although it was long it was full of data and I got to know some games that I didn’t and it also made me remember about Ishar, the ones I played when I was a kid. Very good article indeed and I’m sure it will make you want to play one of those for sure.

Metaplace is something I still haven’t try in full, I setup an account there but haven’t spend too much time yet, but on a newsletter I received was the announcement that you can embed your virtual world from Metaplace in any webpage, including of course your blog, so if I get a little time to make something productive with it I’m sure I’m going to embed it in here.

And well, I can’t go on without saying a word about the biggest comeback on Graphic Adventure Games, Guybrush Threepwood is on his way again, now from Tell Tale Games and as I have said when I knew about this, let the Second Golden Age of Adventure Games Begin.