Adventure Games Are Back

May 29, 2009

I’ve always loved this type of games, and I think almost everyone from my days grew up playing them. Games like Monkey Island, Loom, Maniac Mansion, King’s Quest, Simon The Sorcerer, Eco Quest, and a lot more shaped the minds and remembrances of several generations.

A couple of years ago I discovered Adventure Game Studio, it is a tool that allow you to make your own Adventure Games just by “configuring it”. Examples of that can be found on its website, but let me suggest you No Action Jackson, a game with a Day of the Tentacle style.

After that I started seeing how many people were trying to produce this type of games for the browser. Tools like Web Adventure Kit, ScummVM or Flash-Scumm will help to do that, these are the ones I’m aware of, I’m sure there’s many more out there.

These tools will allow developers to reach more players and ease the distribution of the games, also making them easy to produce. One such place that takes advantage of this is, and it does it with a nice twist, you can see what other players are doing on the same game while you play it.

The sole existence of a site like Adventure Gamers tells us that this genre is not dead and we can feel, by the amount of adventures lately released, that is coming back. I sure will enjoy the second Golden Age of the Graphic Adventure Games, and that is not far away in the future.