Digital Gaming and Simulation

I was almost resigned to have to move or go online to been able to study a Game Development Course here in Houston, until yesterday I found this: The Digital Gaming and Simulation Department on HCC Southwest.

The paths on the HCC degrees usually have a lot of Core Curriculum classes, but this is not the case, almost 90% of the classes are games focused and that is something that makes this course a good choice for those willing to step into the Games industry and not waste your time taking miscellaneous classes.

Now, let me note that everyone tells you that to succeed on the Video Game industry you should have a wide range of interests and studies, and I encourage you to do so, but in only two years you can get a degree on video games, and you have spent that time only focused on producing and delivering games, not only grades.

I can see this course in my future very clear, let’s just hope everything goes as expected.


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