Ten Tips to be a Game Designer

Yesterday I came across this article on Game Career Guide website about the ten things you should be doing or practicing to become a Game Designer and I couldn’t resist the temptation to see what I’ve already done and what is remaining in my path to become one. So let’s start with it.

1. Write a game design document: No, I haven’t done this yet and is probably the first one I should do on the list, although I’m still writing the story for the Graphic Adventure Game I have in mind, maybe I could merge those two.

2. Build a 3D level: No, haven’t done it, and I’m guessing it will be a really time consuming task, for now I’m going to push it back a little more.

3. Write a game script: The article means coding in this case and I can say I did this, so is one Yes on the list. Check.

4. Make a game, or a mod: Done it, another yes, whohoo!

5. Learn to mock things up in flash: Hmmm, this is a difficult one, I used to do thing in flash a while ago, but I’m using other things now like GameMaker, but I think it will count as a yes. Check.

6. Be an enabler: Well, I guess other people should be more qualified to say this about me, but all in all I think I belong to this kind of people.

7. Dissect games and their mechanics, even bad ones: Oh yes, I do this a lot, maybe I don’t put it in writing, which I should be doing in some degree, but this is another Yes.

8. Build an online portfolio: In the process, in the process. Check.

9. Work on your communication skills: Well, this blog is just that so I can say I’m doing it, also with other several activities I’m doing like going to College and posting on other English and Spanish blogs as well.

10. Learn something new every day: Hell Yeah! And I encourage anyone to do the same no matter what are you doing or your dreams are.

Result: 2 No’s and 8 Yes’

Hey, not that bad eh!? Well I guess I should be focusing my efforts on writing a GDD and doing some 3D stuff to have it all, not to worry really, but fun stuff to do anyway.


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