Game on! Art in a game

Video Games are Art? I say YES, and a lot of other people is with me, but as the definition of art is still to be decided too much people still thinks that video games are just that childish thing that make kids go out killing others or adoring the devil.

Well is good to know that around the globe more and more there’s people putting this type of events together so we can see and hear stories about artists making games.

This time the event is going to be in Buenos Aires and the name of it is Game on! Art in a game. For those that have the opportunity to assist I’m sure it will be a good experience, not only because you’re going to discover a part of video games that you didn’t think exists, but because you’re going to find the best of the best of the Video Game Scene of Argentina, one that is growing immensely the last years and is getting worldwide noticing for its achievements.


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