T-Minus: Comic about the Space Race

I read this story today and got exited about it. It’s a graphic novel about the US/URSS Space Race in the ’60 but focused on the scientists! At last someone put the view on those that makes everything possible.

And the thing that the author’s motivation is to show and encourage people that you can be part of this without being an astronaut is the best part. Indeed, of course you need to study a lot and really hard to get there, but YOU CAN.

Just yesterday I read an article saying that NASA is supporting the development of an MMO Game about Moon exploration. NASA and Video Games together, I don’t need to tell you that is the Dream job for me and a lot of other people, and something I thought we would have to wait several years to see it happen. And you know what? Is happening right now.

The author of T-Minus mentioned that we have lost that excitement about going to space and the Moon and that he is trying to get that again with this book, but I think that excitement is coming back already. Just the idea of having plans to return to the Moon, and even going to Mars on the schedule, only that should weak up a dead.

I just hope to be alive the day we’re back to the moon and the day we launch the first manned spacecraft to Mars.


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