Google Latitude, finally

I was waiting for this service since a long time ago, and although some little known sites were providing the service, none of them got a big impact on people using it. But now is Google who comes with this tool and I think is the right time to the big hit.

I gues that this is something available for Open Social, and if not I’m sure it will be very soon, as this tool goes hand to hand with social networking and is just a matter of time for someone to hit the nail on the head. I personally know people trying to put this type of tool together and sure there’s more out there.

Link: See where your friends are with Google Latitude


5 Responses to Google Latitude, finally

  1. Novack says:

    Im curious. Since I saw this service released, I wondered what -useful thing- could be achieved by using it.

    I think you got some idea, plase help me understand the scope of this tool, beyond the mere thing of pushing fordward to a hollywood style scifi world.

  2. Novack says:

    “my comment above sounds a bit sarcastic. It is NOT intentionally though”

  3. Sure, no problem, besides the examples on the original post from Google, using this tool on a social network could be used to know who on your network lives close to you, or happen to be close to you any given day. Who from your network is at the same meeting you are, same convention, or maybe which is the best place to meet with someone knowing where both are right now.
    Now the really impressive and futuristic one will be to combine this with augmented reality and have a kind of Terminator Vision, that would be cool.

  4. Novack says:

    I see; yes, you have some points there.

    It is kind of cool, and kind of sad at the same time though. It seems like the trend is more and more to depend on machines for human interaction, but now this sounds like depending on computers to tell me who is around… I dont know exactly what, but sounds to me like something is misplaced.

    Anyway, they are giving this king of features a lot of attention lately

    • I recommend you to read “Being Digital” from Negroponte about automatic services provided by technology. That will show you why humans are relying more and more on technology.
      Another application of this could be games, mostly those that combines reality with media.

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