Dare to Dream

Recently added as a new “dimension” of the Dare to be Digital Challenge, is focused on open the doors for the imagination from everyone, from everywhere.

For those of you who don’t know the contest:

Dare to be Digital is the UK’s premier video games design competition open to international university students. In its 10th anniversary year, Dare is expanding its focus to give an exciting new dimension to the gaming culture.

So basically in this edition there are two parts, the first is the one that is open for everyone, there you can submit your ideas for a game and comment and rate the ideas of others (in fact, you can also vote for your idea). After the community has rated the ideas the next part of the contest, the production of the prototypes will start, with teams selecting from the top 10 ideas.

I see this as an interesting twist to the normal contests, but let’s see how it works because I guess the ideas that are going to be submitted are those who the designers are not so attached to and could end up being not that good. Of course, as the teams then has freedom to change it or reinterpret it, well, it could end up being a good one after all.

Take a look at the ones already submitted and why not? Submit your own!


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