From the idea to reality

December 10, 2008

I must say, it’s a huge difference between you having a good idea and having it come true. It involves a lot of work to make it happen and an immense amount of will. I just admire the people that can just have things done (I’m not talking about work, I’m talking about what you do on your free time).

For a long time I was of the thought that having good ideas was the jewel, the thing that makes the difference, but after much reading and having faced that I have only ideas but nothing to show I came to realize the importance of having things done. Much of that is because I started seeing other people completing products and concepts from ideas I had a long time ago but never have the time (that was always my justification) to do it, and so I got frustrated.

So after think about that and much will involved I finally got something done, you can say is little, is almost nothing, but for me means a LOT, and that is the Assassin Pong game.

Now I’m struggling again with my will to start on another project, but many things are keeping me away from it so maybe writing this would encourage me to get into it, but the main goal of this post is to share with you how important is to drive your ideas to completion, there’s when it really makes a difference.


Open Social in any site? That’s right

December 5, 2008

Yesterday Google launches his beta (coming from Google that’s like final product) of Friend Connect that allows you to add Social capabilities to your website, or in his own words:

This service lets webmasters add social features to their sites by simply copying and pasting a few snippets of code — no advanced coding or technical background required.

Clean and simple, Google’s way I dear say, but I think the richest part of it is at the end of the article, where it says:

Additionally, websites that use Friend Connect become OpenSocial containers, capable of running applications created by the OpenSocial developer community.

That simple thing is the real power behind this tool, think just a minute and you will notice it… Not yet? Think another minute… There you go.

Link to the article: Google Friend Connect: now available

Chairs on Conference Rooms are better than the ones on the cubes

December 2, 2008

And why is that? Just the same reason as why employees needs to wear like presidents while working on a cube where no one sees them. The same reason as why a person is better or knows more just because the way it looks.

Aghh, I hate that! If I go into an IT company and see the personnel wearing ties then I know for sure that they are not good enough that needs to look like that to sell. If you are good, you don’t need that, at least you shouldn’t but the same people that believes that you need that is the people that can give you money.

I think that is changing slowly but still we have a looooooong way to go. Look at the big companies, like Google or Apple, their employees wear like college people and they are the leaders, so why is so hard to believe that the wear don’t make you good? Why?

I really hope that changes, I really do, I hate to wear like someone I’m not.