My first complete video game: Assassin Pong

Although the game is very simple I’m very proud of it. I came from the idea all the way through design, programming, graphics, sound and gameplay. I tested it, got feedback from other players, modify it and polish it to get the final product. But the most important goal I tried to reach was finish it, and I did.

The game is a clone of the classic Pong but with a little twist, the player can shoot his opponent so this gives the game a little more of fun I guess, at least that was the idea and what the people that have played it told me (mission accomplish then).

I made a little web page about it here in my blog (Assassin Pong), there you can see a couple of screen shots and you have the links to places where you can download it or play it online.

Please feel free to leave comments either on this post, the web page or the places where the game can be download it (especially there) and of course the higher the rate you give, the higher my appreciation to you 😉

For the lazy ones you can download it from here or play it online here.


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