The Space Internet has been born!

Some years ago I read an article saying that when the man gets to the moon the internet should add one more thing to the domain names, that is the planet thus having domains like or Though I wonder what the domain for the ISS would be?

Nevermind, all that comes to my mind yesterday when I saw this title on my RSS Feed: “NASA Successfully Tests First Deep Space Internet“. I immediately jump to the site to read the news and it was exactly what I expect it to be. The Interplanetary Internet was born, I got really excited and started passing the link to my contacts (here’s the link by the way) and wondering when this will appear on worldwide media, but I still don’t see any mention to it, I really don’t know why, so I decided to make a post on this blog.

This morning while I was keeping the pace with the world saw another article mention it “NASA Tests Interplanetary Internet” but still that is not the big media.

And the really cool part is that Vint Cerf is involved in this, the “Father of Internet” in person, I mean this is huge, really HUGE. Let me put some technical words here:

Unlike TCP/IP on Earth, the DTN (Disruption-Tolerant-Network) does not assume a continuous end-to-end connection. In its design, if a destination path cannot be found, the data packets are not discarded. Instead, each network node keeps the information as long as necessary until it can communicate safely with another node. This store-and-forward method, similar to basketball players safely passing the ball to the player nearest the basket means information does not get lost when no immediate path to the destination exists. Eventually, the information is delivered to the end user.

They’ve used one spacecraft and simulate the rest to test the transmission but it was a success so the are going to keep testing it and not so far in time this is going to be THE way the spacecrafts will communicate with earth.

I probably should start doing some research on the domain name…


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