Video Games on Social Networks

Since first I heard of this I thought “well, of course” because what other thing does a person with other one than play? 😉

I think there is still a lot of things to explore about gaming on social networks and now a company launches a tool for every company that wants to add social capabilities to its games. The product name is Participate (Hmm, not so punchy).

The company behind this tool, Emote, has announce that it will be launching a game that makes use of this feature. The Hunter is a hunting simulator where you will be able to compete with your friends.

Ehmmm, well, I’m not sure if that’s a good choice to show the benefits of the tool, I mean, hunting? Are you sure? Of course there’s a lot of competition involved on hunting but why not something with no one against it?

Let’s see what happens when it gets released and what happens with the tool, but I can see a future of social gaming growing faster with each release of this type of tools.

Original Article: Emote Announces Participate Social Platform


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