No more The Movies Online

Although I didn’t played this game I was always about to try it. I saw one time how a relative played it and I got instantaneously trapped by the game. For those who don’t know which game I’m talking about is The Movies.

Let’s say that the idea of having your own Studio wasn’t new, but that the players can save the movies they produce and even shared them on the internet was the key. And the place to share it was The Movies Online.

But as the official statements says:

After three years, almost two million visitors and over a years worth of unique movies posted (that’s 33025270 seconds), Lionhead Studios feels it’s time for the final curtain to come down on The Movies Online.

Those who still want to share the creations that comes out of your studios exists the unofficial sites: TMUnderground and

I really thought that this game would became a franchise in the future but I guess the business have made another step away from the players. Let’s see what the future says about it.

Official Statement: Curtain Comes Down.


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