My first complete video game: Assassin Pong

November 28, 2008

Although the game is very simple I’m very proud of it. I came from the idea all the way through design, programming, graphics, sound and gameplay. I tested it, got feedback from other players, modify it and polish it to get the final product. But the most important goal I tried to reach was finish it, and I did.

The game is a clone of the classic Pong but with a little twist, the player can shoot his opponent so this gives the game a little more of fun I guess, at least that was the idea and what the people that have played it told me (mission accomplish then).

I made a little web page about it here in my blog (Assassin Pong), there you can see a couple of screen shots and you have the links to places where you can download it or play it online.

Please feel free to leave comments either on this post, the web page or the places where the game can be download it (especially there) and of course the higher the rate you give, the higher my appreciation to you 😉

For the lazy ones you can download it from here or play it online here.


Editing Google Searches

November 21, 2008

The new tool from Google is on the search results. Now you can promote a result or make comments on it, remove results or even add one, but all this changes will only affect you. If someone is doing so much modifications then his results could end up being way too different from the rest of the world. Is that something we really want? Is like creating your own world (ok, that was perhaps too much).

You can see what other people is doing on his searches and so on. So, let’s just see and wait what happens with this, in the meantime I’m going to promote a few sites 😉

Link: SearchWiki: make search your own

Minesweeper: The Movie

November 20, 2008

Yeah, I got lazy today so I’m posting a video, this is a really good and funny video about the game Minesweeper, I watched it a time ago but still remember it so here it goes, enjoy!

The Space Internet has been born!

November 19, 2008

Some years ago I read an article saying that when the man gets to the moon the internet should add one more thing to the domain names, that is the planet thus having domains like or Though I wonder what the domain for the ISS would be?

Nevermind, all that comes to my mind yesterday when I saw this title on my RSS Feed: “NASA Successfully Tests First Deep Space Internet“. I immediately jump to the site to read the news and it was exactly what I expect it to be. The Interplanetary Internet was born, I got really excited and started passing the link to my contacts (here’s the link by the way) and wondering when this will appear on worldwide media, but I still don’t see any mention to it, I really don’t know why, so I decided to make a post on this blog.

This morning while I was keeping the pace with the world saw another article mention it “NASA Tests Interplanetary Internet” but still that is not the big media.

And the really cool part is that Vint Cerf is involved in this, the “Father of Internet” in person, I mean this is huge, really HUGE. Let me put some technical words here:

Unlike TCP/IP on Earth, the DTN (Disruption-Tolerant-Network) does not assume a continuous end-to-end connection. In its design, if a destination path cannot be found, the data packets are not discarded. Instead, each network node keeps the information as long as necessary until it can communicate safely with another node. This store-and-forward method, similar to basketball players safely passing the ball to the player nearest the basket means information does not get lost when no immediate path to the destination exists. Eventually, the information is delivered to the end user.

They’ve used one spacecraft and simulate the rest to test the transmission but it was a success so the are going to keep testing it and not so far in time this is going to be THE way the spacecrafts will communicate with earth.

I probably should start doing some research on the domain name…

Folklore is about Computers too

November 18, 2008

I recently discover this site by a friend who gave me the link to it and as soon as I saw what was about I smiled and thought “boy, this is going to be good and fun reading”.

The site I’m talking about is and is a compendium of real anecdotes about the creation of the Macintosh. But that’s only what it is right now because the site is aiming at a much broader audience, in his own words his goal is:

is a web site devoted to collective historical storytelling. It captures and presents sets of related stories that describe interesting events from multiple perspectives, allowing groups of people to recount their shared history in the form of interlinked anecdotes.

Again, today you can only find the anecdotes of the Macintosh project, but that’s pretty good stuff and I assure you can get hours of interesting reading from it.

I also think is time to have a good compendium of Computer’s History told by his forgers so maybe this could encourage others to told their stories.

Have fun!

CODEAR 2008: Winners

November 17, 2008

It’s time to test the participants of the 2008 competition of Argentina’s Video Games Conference. These were the submissions in the final order positions (some of the links could be in Spanish):

First Place: Angel in Heaven by German Vadell – Play | Info

Second Place: Xee Bee by Juan Ignacio Albanesi – Play | Info

Third Place: The Infiltrator by Game Road – Play | Info

The rest of the participants:

  • Leyendas de la Edad Media (Medieval Legends) by Agustin Perez Fernandez – Play | Info
  • La Vida es muy Dificil (Life is so hard) by de9a18studio – Play | Info
  • Katy-K-Boom by German Vadell – Play | Info
  • Flogger Adventure by Carlos Federico Lopez – Play | Info
  • Los Ledesma 2 (The Ledesmas 2) by Nicolas Masgoret – Play | Info

Enjoy the Argentine independent video games!!

GameCake: Have a slice

November 14, 2008

With great enthusiasm is that we welcome this new site: Its purpose is to be a game share site where developers can upload their games, pictures of it, and the users not only can download them but also rate and comment. I see this site becoming a really useful tool to deliver and launching games, especially for the indie ones.

As soon as I get mines to work properly I will be posting it there and hope the rates would not be poor 😉 (understood!?)

Link to the Article: GameCake: New File Hosting Service with Direct Linking