Moon Truck or "Time to get a Hummer"

As the projects to go back to the moon are going on we can start to take a look at what the NASA is doing to accomplish this achievement. In this case they are informing about the tests they are doing with the new Moon Vehicle, in this case a Truck and not a rover like the ones used on the Apollo era. Why? well they explain it:

“Those lunar rovers were disposable, so they were only going to be used for two or three days. These that we’re looking now, we’re looking at up to five years length on the moon.”

But why a Truck?

“We’re talking about hundreds of kilometers. This is a completely different paradigm than Apollo.”

Moon Truck

Here’s a picture of the device, like copied from a 50’s movie right? Well they said is not the final design yet so it could change in the future, let see some specs about it:

NASA’s Chariot moon truck chassis consists of six bug-like legs, each of which tipped with two wheels. The 2,204-pound (1,000-kg) vehicle is about 15 feet (4.5 meters) long capable of hauling twice its weight in cargo and driving up to 6 mph (10 kph) on rough terrain. Each of the wheel talks can pivot 360 degrees and be lifted up to clear rocks or other obstacles, giving the Chariot the ability to mimic a crab’s flexible mobility.

Very flexible indeed, so far test were really good and the engineers are learning a lot but there is still a long way to go, keep tuned.

Link to the full article: Astronauts Ride in Style in New Moon Truck


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