Selected on Game Design Contest

I’m very proud to say that my design for the weekly contest Game Design Challenge from Game Career Guide portal was selected as a winner. The challenge name was No Jumping! and consisted on:

Design the game mechanics for a platform game with no jump function.

In the words of the site this was my submission:

Early on in this challenge, Martin Bilello posted this idea on the forum: “if you think the ones that mostly don’t jump on this type of games are the villains, so why not to be a villain?” And thus, the mummy game idea was born. It’s basically a game of tag, but done in such a way that it works as a computer game.

My game’s name was Get out of my Tomb! and here is the entire design I sent.

The site Gamasutra, supporter of this contest also has publish an article about the contest and this is the reference about my design:

Another notable concept that came out of the challenge was Martin Bilello’s. Bilello, a senior technical architect and independent game designer, proposed a platformer in which the player is a villain, a type of character who often does not have a jump function in that genre of game in the first place. His game, called Get Out of My Tomb!, is a tag-like game that involves a mummy protecting his tomb from treasure hunters.

I’m taking this as a first step and not as the goal, I’m really happy now and expect to continue on the path of video games. Wish me luck!


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