September 19, 2008

This is a joke we made with a friend some years ago, really geek:


color: red, blonde;
size: normal;


left: yes;
right: yes;
height: between 1,70 and 1,80;
background-color: white, black, yellow;
style: model, playmate;
top: 120 cm.;
bottom: 90 cm.;
pause-before: never!;
vertical-align: if possible;
pause-after: always;
position: always on top;
orphans: none;
direction: down;
marks: none;
speak: disable;
widows: of course;
play-during: always;



Followers of a Blog

September 11, 2008

Well Google is coming with this new feature for his Blog app where you can say which blogs you are “following” and so the Blog can have like a book with pictures of its readers. Also the cool thing is that it allows you to import your feeder, that’s what I like the most really 🙂

Here’s the link to the article.

Intelligent Remote

September 8, 2008

I’m those kind of guys that got an idea with every new thing they get to know, most of it are just crazy things that no one will never want, but often I got with an idea that I think people will find useful. Well yesterday I got one of these and thought that this could be a good place to post it. As a sports fan you usually find yourself trying to get your favorite team on TV (if you don’t have the tickets) and maybe you’re too busy to keep track of that and don’t even know which channel is broadcasting the match (if any). That happens a lot if you are on a trip and out of home. Well then I thought what about having a remote control at which I can say “Colt’s Game” and it will show me which channels are broadcasting the game right now in my TV (or the hotel one). I know it may sound futuristic, I thought the same, but then I start thinking if it really was futuristic and came to the conclusion that it could be possible with the technology we have right now, let me explain it.

I remember having a remote application on my old Palm where I can control my TV from, I’m sure you can have one of those on the new iPhone and Google’s Andoid SO, those devices are connected to the Internet so is pretty easy for them to get the right info on the channels, and voice command? well that’s working already too. So where’s the limitation then? Why we don’t have that working already? Well I don’t know, maybe there is something already working like this out there, but if someone of you want to give a try at something like this I will be awesomely glad of helping to get it done.
Imagine sitting in front of your TV and say “Astro’s Game”, then one click and that’s it, forget zapping. And think about the possibilities if you add pay-per-view to the combo.

Hope this could be one of those ideas, really.

Mazes of Fate: First Latin American Video Game for Nintendo

September 2, 2008

It’s been a while since this video game was released but now is time for the DS version to hit the stores. What is special on MoF is that is the first video game ever produced entirely on Argentina for Nintendo (GBA first, DS now and MoF2 for Wii on the near future) and I’m proud to say that I know some of the guys involved on it.

For those who are not familiar with the game is a traditional first person RPG game on a fantastic environment, some reminiscence of anime on the characters but basically a good old RPG. Here you can find a review about the GBA version, this and this are the official websites and the Wikipedia entry.

And of course if you want to try it or just support the Argentine Video Game industry you can order it in one of these sites.

Google’s Web Browser: Google Chrome

September 2, 2008

Another step from Google in their race to make the internet THE tool for everything computer-related, Open Source as usual they have developed a web browser from scratch thinking on the current capabilities of the internet and all the tools you can find out there, basically getting the best you can find and putting it together.

It will be a hard competitor for Firefox, that’s for sure, I think that even though IE is the largest used the next browser battle will be between FF and Chrome. Here is the article from Google’s Blog and here the comic explanation.

I can’t wait to test it, they promise it will be awesome for developers and you know what? I believe them 🙂