Starbuck Companies, the new Garage Companies

As you may know is very common right now to find places with free wi-fi, from restaurants to malls there is a wide range of places where you can go with your laptop and surf the internet. And also is very common these days to see people working on a Starbuck with their cell phones and laptops (and I think some of them probably stay the whole day now that you can get a free cold beverage after 2PM).

Then I started to wonder why someone trying to start a new company would get an office if they can be for free in a place like this with internet connection, coffee at a hand and a nice environment to work? Even with music in some places!!

It will definitively be my choice if I want to start a company. Imagine that you can change your office every day, your office can be right across the street from your kid’s school, or just a minute ago from a match of your favorite team!

Now you may ask what about meeting with clients, well is often common to meet with clients to have lunch or breakfast and as easy as 1-2-3 you can be there without having to drive and meet with the client and then come back to work instantaneously.

Team work? 4 to 6 people in the team? Piece of cake, just gather on the same place at the same time (he he, like actually going to a work place) and the same BatChannel 😉

I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there already doing this, that’s why I think this is the new and better way of the good old Garage Companies, so I called them Starbuck Companies


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