Partuza is out there

I don’t know if you are familiar with Social Networking, but as it seems to be very popular these days I assume that you are. As Google tries to be in every place (God Syndrome?) they are in Social Networking as well, they have their own one called Orkut, but also they developed a standard to build applications for social networks, that is OpenSocial.

In order for a social network to allow developers build applications for their site they need to implement a so called container for this kind of apps, again there is an open source container called Shindig to solve this (you can have it in two flavors, Java or PHP), but the developer, the real worker on this system, still needs a place to test his app.

Usually you can test it on a development container on a social network but that’s not a comfortable way of developing, you know, so then Partuza showed up. In their words:

Do you wish you could develop and test your OpenSocial gadgets on your own local development machine or server? Or are you thinking of becoming an OpenSocial container but need an example of how you can get started?

If your answer to either of these questions is “yes,” you are in luck because Partuza was created to help with both of these problems.

That’s right, now you don’t have excuses to not develop your killer app for social networks, so start using this and be the next ones to revolutionize the web.

Article: Let’s get this Partuza started!


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