Video games on the learning process

This is something I’ve been reading for a while and agreed with it, and now an article on Gamasutra explains it in a way I’d like to share with you. I’ll give you the link to the full article but let me quote some of the best parts of it as I see it:

We grow up viewing classic fiction as homework first and art second. It follows that we like learning best when we don’t think we’re doing it. We like literature more when there’s no studying involved. What better medium for learning, then, than that apotheosis of anti-intellectualism, the video game?

Exactly! Is it really that hard to understand? Another one:

Video games can be gateways to higher learning. Is it idealistic? Sure. But the base repudiation of idealism is so often used as a shield against saying anything interesting. Anti-idealism is what keeps triple-A games generic, and the reversal of that trend should already be a good enough target.

Please, let the industry be Idealistic!! I still think there is a lot of opportunities for so called “serious games” out there and is time for the companies to see it.

Full Article: Video Games Are The Silver Bullet


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